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Just another Discord Library

Formerly known as discord-rose, pronounced jay-dull

Scale clean and hassle-free Discord bots with a simple library catered for advanced developers. Develop with ease and confidence now.


Run npm i --save jadl


Wiki Docs

Support Server

NPM, GitHub

Simple bot

You can easily use the SingleWorker class for easy use of JADL, for scaled solution, look below


const { SingleWorker } = require('jadl')

const worker = new SingleWorker({
token: 'BOT TOKEN'

Scaled Bot

You can instead use a Master & Worker solution, one master managing multiple workers/clusters, which hold x amount of shards, making it much more efficient.


const { Master } = require('jadl')
const path = require('path')

const master = new Master(path.resolve(__dirname, './worker.js'), {
token: 'BOT TOKEN'



const { Worker } = require('jadl')

const worker = new Worker()

Do node ./master.js and you're off to the races. Scaled automatically.

Do note if your bot only ever fits into 1 cluster (< 5000 servers by default), you should consider using SingleWorker since master & worker introduce more process overhead


Commands are offloaded to a separate library, you can of course just build your own with the given Discord events, but feel free to checkout @jadl/cmd, a competent super-powered command handler built around decorators (TypeScript only) and slash commands only, made simple and easy to use.

Ready to take it to the next level? Take a look out our Wiki

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